I shoot A LOT of weddings and engagements at the Distillery and sometimes I kind-of feel… “eh” when people say they want to take their photos there. What’s interesting is that when I find myself at the Distillery again, somehow inspiration takes place! Creativity and laughter start to flow. I’ve come to realize that although I LOVE new and unique locations it’s really the couple that are my true inspiration. This was one of those shoots. Vic and Kellie totally melted my heart. They are super cute together and were such fun to work with. So the moral of the story, don’t worry if you want to take your photos at the Distillery. All that really matters is that you’re in LOVE! PS. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of having a coffee at Balzac’s either.
      SO super stoked to be shooting your wedding in Muskoka next year Vic and Kel. Enjoy this special time.



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      OMG – what stunning shots! So natural and beautiful. Who gets to look that amazing in t-shirts and jeans? I can only image how the wedding pics are going turn out. Wow!

      Absolutelu Gorgeous pictures. Two beautiful models (3 if you include Tinsley), very magazine worthy. The shots on the boat are amazing. Kellie looks so gorgeous. That final shot on the staircase is stunning. Love love love!!

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