More about me… I have crazy curly hair that I’ve had to journey with my whole life. I love to dance (mainly to old school house music and reggae). I’ve always loved Madonna and have spent a significant portion of my childhood practising her dance moves and singing. Delicious food, fabulous dining and cooking creative meals for friends are high on my list of favourite things to do. Having my own chef is a secret wish. I often daydream about new places I want to travel to, decor ideas for my house, what my son and daughter will grow up to be when they are older, and what I would do if I won 10 million dollars. I’m in love with Italy. Naps and cuddling up with a good book are important to me. Good coffee is a must and I have the cutest golden-doodle fluff-ball puppy, Oliver. I love what I do. After graduating from Humber College’s Creative Photography program in 2004, I went on to photograph food (partly because I love food so much), only soon to realize that it is working with people that really makes me come alive. I transitioned quite easily and since then I have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of couples and families across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

      I discovered Waterdown 3 years ago and now live in this quaint little town with my husband, my daughter Eva and soon to be little boy!  I am married to the most amazing man and partner in crime, Geoff Diffey (who sometimes assists me and usually wins the hearts of every mother on the wedding day). He is my anchor of love and I don’t know where I’d be without him. My daughter Eva is a ball of fire and passion and one of the greatest gifts in this life. 


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