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      Macro photography is a very unique type of photography. It allows you to see and share things that you have never seen before. It also provides a wealth of subjects that are often only a few feet outside your door. In addition, many photo essays, or other bodies of work that I see could benefit from a few detail shots such as macro photographs. Knowing your way around macro photography, and purchasing the right tools for the job can enable you to create fantastic images.

      Getting into macro photography may be intimidating, but luckily today marks the release of a fantastic new resource to help you. Craft & Visions latest eBook is called Up Close. Its a guide to macro and close up photography written by Andrew S. Gibson. Andrew also wrote Beyond Thirds , Andes , The Magic of Black and White ( I , II , & III ), and The Evocative Image for Craft & Vision. He has also written several eBooks on his own, including one of my all time favorites: Square.

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      Andrew is an excellent teacher; this eBook is not all technical terms or gear you should buy. Nor is it just filled with beautiful photographs. It is a well balanced combination of all of these. The eBook starts with the technical: clearing up misconceptions about sensor size and magnification. He goes on to talk about your options for macro equipment in great detail. Close up lenses, extension tubes, and even reverse mounting lenses to change your minimum focussing distance are all covered. Andrew shoots Canon and his equipment examples reflect this, however I still recommend the eBook to users of other camera systems. All of the Canon specific terminology is easily translatable.

      A great thing about the in depth discussion on your equipment options is that many of them are very affordable. Andrew doesn't use particularly expensive equipment, yet he captures very beautiful images.This will be a great inspiration for those who don't have a huge budget for macro photography equipment. Though I would call some of these options unorthodox, they are viable and might be perfect for you. Personally I shoot with a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens and would highly recommend it. At around $700 it's on the low side of higher end lens prices. The lens allows me to capture photographs like the one on the right of a grasshopper that snuck inside my house.

      Throughout the eBook Andrew shows lots of examples of macro photography; both in the real world, as well as studio shots illustrating different concepts. He talks about sharpness, focussing, depth of field, and more. Finally he has two case studies featuring macro photographers. One of the featured photographers is Mandy Disher, who's work with insects and flowers absolutely blew me away. The beauty of her photos has inspired me to work on improving my own macro photography this summer.

      As they usually do, Craft & Vision has released an excellent eBook. If you are at all interested in macro photography, whether you are just looking to get into it or are relatively experienced, I would recommend picking up this eBook. It's well worth it for the information on equipment alone, which could save you a lot of money. You are also getting some great tips on technique and some beautiful photographs to inspire you to create your own.

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