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      What makes a great team?

      To me, a great team is being surrounded with people who you can be yourself with. Not having to hold back or put up some type of front.

      To me, a great team is that uplifting and positive feeling you get when you start bouncing ideas off each other.

      To me, a great team is being able to re connect with each other after not seeing each other for months, like nothing ever happened.

      To me, a great team is being able to trust one another in what each is doing and knowing the results will be great.

      The team for a recent editorial I shot is just that. A great team .

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      Jeanette & I go WAY back, we pretty much started working together since the get go. As she describes it we are like " an old married couple ". Her style is so unique I can automatically point it out when I see it, not mention how warm and inviting she is.

      You just can't help but fall in love with her.

      A new member of the family is Lorene, she is a hair/make-up artist. I recently met Lorene about 2 weeks ago and we automatically clicked! Hell, we clicked before we even met via email!

      You know that feeling when you can just tell? This was it.

      She's funny, goofy and professional.

      As soon as Todiana, our model, walked in the door we clicked. She was very involved and professional.

      Of course having 10+ yrs of experience helps! Not to mention just how gorgeous she is!

      She is signed with Kim Dawson.

      Last but definitely not least is Craig who has been part of my key team for the last 3 years. From helping me setting up/tearing down to pre-planning I couldn't do it without him.

      I look forward to sharing these new set of images this great team produced together.

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