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      iPhone photography becomes more and more popular every single day. All of a sudden, everybody has a fantastic camera in their pocket all of the time. When I was traveling recently I noticed it was by far the most common camera I saw. Quite frankly, the pictures I was taking with my Canon 7D are not necessarily better than the ones these people we're taking with their camera phones. The pictures we're just different. In skilled hands, there is no reason why you cannot take a great photo using an iPhone, or any other camera phone. Dont get me wrong, there are huge limitations, but there are also huge advantages. Your camera phone is always with you. You can take it places where a professional camera would not be allowed. You can shoot, edit, and share almost instantly. So no matter what level of photographer you are, you really should be familiar with the possibilities and capabilities of camera phones. For that reason I take great pleasure in introducing the latest Craft & Vision eBook to you: eyePhone, by first time C&V author Al Smith.

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      Al begins by talking about his journey into iPhone photography, though he quickly points out that the brand doesn't matter. This eBook is definitely iPhone specific as it talks mainly about apps and accessories only available for iPhone. However, much of the eBook is still very relevant for those exploring other camera phones as a medium. He also makes an interesting point about the iPhone providing an escape, a place of refuge, for photographers. I completely agree. Using my DSLR to take personal pictures can feel like work because it is a tool I most often use at work. I don't have that problem with the iPhone; I genuinely enjoy taking pictures uninhibited by large lenses and studio lights.

      After the introduction, Al spends the rest of the eBook talking about three things that make phone photography what is. Shooting, editing, and sharing on one device. Each has it's own section within the eBook. The focus is not the devices themselves but the images you can capture with them. Al also shares lots of tips, tricks, and other bits of knowledge along the way. Several of these have never even occurred to me, and many of them will help me take better photos with my iPhone. In the editing section, Al goes over lots of great apps beyond Instagram (which many of us are guilty of overusing). This eBook would be worth it's price in app recommendations alone for me. I'm already having a lot of fun experimenting. Finally, Al talks about sharing your photos. Although there is nothing ground breaking, nor are there any fantastic revelations about sharing, it's an interesting read that will probably teach you a thing or two.

      Another fantastic thing about iPhone photography is how affordable it is. Even if you own $20k+ of camera gear, you could be shooting great photos with your iPhone. If not for convenience, then for a release from how complicated photography can be. After all, in the words of photographer Chase Jarvis, the best camera is the one that's with you.

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