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      My five faves this week are a few of my favorite pins that are inspiring...

      My five faves this week are a few of my favorite pins that are inspiring my wrapping game this particular Christmas season.

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      This is my favorite of the favorites because it's just so easy. Liam and Logan are helping me to draw out patterns on brown kraft paper with white and gold sharpies. I like the white exceedingly, and I plan to snag a silver sharpie the next time I'm out. We don't look quite asnon-scribble-y, but I'm happy with the result.


      Another simple one. Brown paper. String. And some greenery with a simple tag. I plan to incorporate this style this year as I get everything wrapped up.


      I know you've seen this one on Pinterest. It's crazy-smart-like-Martha-Stewart, which explains why it's on her website. Have you pinned it 735 times, roughly, like I have? I always forget to do it, though. So, if you are like me: REMINDER! You ARE welcome.


      Aren't these just so fun? I know a couple of kids that would get a kick out of these packages.


      Isn't this just the cutest? The paper is not brown, so I hope you'll forgive me. I don't think I'm giving anything this year that lends itself to this, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that VW Van and plan to use this idea in the future. Also, baker's twine! Mine's in storage, and I'm trying to get by without buying more, but*sigh*I love it's sweet simplicity.

      Andthat's a wrap. (Come on! You knew I had to throw a groan-worthy pun into this fairly un-funny post!) Go hop on over and see all the other lovelies of the lovelies.

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