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      What I Do In Lightroom

      Note that title!! This is what I do. This won't work for everyone. I edit bold, contrasting colours, and ramp up the vividness as far as I realistically can. I always shoot RAW with my DSLR, for many reasons, and I'm going to cover my reasons for doing it in an upcoming post.

      I have a preset applied to all my landscape pictures upon import. Here are the steps I use to turn a dull image into a sparkling landscape:

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      Change the WB (white balance). My preset is set to change this to 'Auto' but as it makes such a huge difference, I usually cycle through all the options once the preset has been applied.

      Change the Camera Calibration Profile to 'Camera Vivid' or 'Camera Landscape'. If, after the preset has been applied I'm not entirely happy with it, this is the second option I play around with. One of these 2 work for most of my pictures though.

      I tick all 3 boxes in the Lens Correction section. (Enable profile corrections, Remove chromatic aberration, and Constrain Crop)

      Increase contrast to 7

      Decrease highlights to -100

      Increase shadows to +100

      Increase whites to +10

      Decrease blacks to -20

      Increase clarity to +15

      Increase vibrance to +15

      Everything else is done manually.

      Now, I know that there are people out there waving pitchforks at me right now, and that's OK!! I edit for my own purposes, and these edits work for 90% of MY shots. There is always, with every import, at least 1 picture that needs the 'Reset' button to be pressed, but as I often import 100+ pictures at a time, the above preset saves me a huge amount of time.

      There are blogs and YouTube videos that explain the process of applying a preset far better than I ever could, but please get in touch if you want to know how!

      The two images below are before and after. The preset has been applied in the second shot, but no other edits have been made. Just for fun, I quickly added a blue gradient to the third picture in Lightroom. Because the sky was pure white, it was easy enough to do. If I was going to use this image properly, I would put a lot more thought into it, but the transformation is evident.

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