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I love to work with young clients...

I have enjoyed an amazing photographic journey that lasted over a year with this beautiful little girl and her incredibly beautiful parents. Hailey is a Princess in our Baby Milestones Program. The result is a collection of images showcasing the evolution of Hailey's growth, her smiles, her adorableness and her mobile mastery from before she was born to confident walker all in the span of about 1 year. It amazes me all the time to witness such drastic changes that occur that 1st year. And to have the great honor of being able to photograph it along the way makes me feel more like Aunt Gracie than just the Photographer.

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As I have grown so fond of Hailey I adore her parents just as much. They have gone from wonderful Clients to practically an extension of Family. Frank instills more than his gorgeous eyes to Hailey but also an amazing sense of confidence and strength which all little girls need to grow up feeling. Leslie is the bomb! She makes me feel like a superstar with her avid support of my work. It is truly exhilarating & humbling as like so many artists out there, more times than not, I feel unsure. This is why I know how awesome of a Mom she is and will be. Hailey is the luckiest to be surrounded by such love, adoration and positivity. And I am so lucky to have had the honor of being inspired by all of their inner & outer beauty.

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