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      I shot a photo in the fall of 2010...

      I shot a photo in the fall of 2010, but I didn't do a large print of it until last week. Seeing the print reminded me how much I love the photo and I wanted to share it.

      I went to San Francisco during Fleet Week, which I highly recommend for anyone who likes airshows. Fighter jets swoop low over the city, as do helicopters and other aircraft. Its incredibly loud, fast paced, and exciting. I captured many different shots of the aircraft from many different vantage points over the course of a weekend. The high frame rate of my 7D (thecamera can take 8 pictures per second) was very helpful; it's pretty tough to time your shots with the speed these aircraft are going. At the end of my time in San Francisco, as is often the case, I had one aircraft shot that stood out above the rest. Thats the shot you see above.

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      I realized early on that a high vantage point is needed to do photos like this, especially when you are in a city. Shooting from the street just doesn't work as aircraft frequently fly behind buildings and out of view. Obviously gaining access to a roof is a problem, especially in an unfamiliar city. So, I ended up going onto the Golden Gate Bridge. Aside from having a phenomenal wide open view, standing on the Golden Gate also put the city underneath/behind the planes, which really helps make this shot. I used a 70-200 to get enough zoom, as well as to compress the elements in the scene.

      Obviously in the end some luck was involved as well; the position of these planes just happened to beperfect in relation to where I had positioned myself. Plus, spending an afternoon in the sun standing on the Golden Gate Bridge was a nice perk.

      I create too many beautiful images every year for me to print and display them all, but I have a feeling that I will keep this one on my wall for a very long time.

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