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      The pre-wedding shoot, or engagement shoot as it's commonly known in the US, is something that's becoming more and more popular with photographers and customers alike. I include it in all of my packages for one simple reason it's incredibly valuable to me. As your chosen wedding photographer, I want to ensure that I get the very best images of you on your wedding day.

      I truly believe that in order to photograph someone, you need to know them. The engagement session offers me that chance, to get to know you better, so that I can work out what makes you who you are, what makes you both smile and laugh, what makes your relationship work. It allows me to know the very best way to interact with you on your wedding day, for the very best wedding photos.

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      For my customers, I know that being in front of the camera for a few hours ensures that it's one less 'unknown' for your wedding day. For the majority of my brides and grooms, their wedding day is their first time having professional photos taken of them well, since school! and they're understandably nervous. Is your wedding day really the best day to try something new for the first time?!

      I also love that I have the chance to show you, before your wedding day, how I work it's fun and a giggle! It's unobtrusive photography, but on occasion I will direct you to get some real emotion, sometimes I'll prompt you, suggest poses and games to play. And it helps you to realise that, while I can take a pretty good photo, I don't know my right from my left! I also say things that sound just plain odd sometimes ("Can you stroke her cheek with your nose?" made Damien and Nadia look at me as if I'd completely lost my marbles!) but it works:

      For all of my brides and grooms booked for this year, start thinking about where you want your photoshoot a beach location, the countryside, London? Somewhere that means a lot to you, maybe even in your own home? I guarantee that we'll have fun, wherever we go!

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