Last November I had the privilege of photographing the 2013 Grand Cru event. I photographed it in 2012 as well and I must say it is one of my favourite events to photograph. This year’s food experience was produced by chef Arpi Magyar from Couture Cuisine and the wine supplied by  Vega Sicilia winery in Spain. The lovely and talented Melissa Haggerty and her team from Spectacular Spectacular put this together.  True artisans of their craft. I love working with them. The rich reds and ambiance created  the perfect mood for this warm and elegant evening.
      This year Dr Michael Baker was guest speaker. He is the Rose Family Chair in Medicine at University Health Network and Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr Baker’s research has focussed on the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and aspects of cancer control, leading to more than 100 publications in this field.  He has Chaired several national and provincial cancer research committees, and served as President of the National Cancer Institute of Canada for three years.

      This year funds raised will be directed to Toronto General Research Institute and Toronto Western Research Institute.

      Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival has raised more than $16.4 million since 2005.  Proceeds directly support scientific research and fund key program areas at University Health Network.

      What a wonderful event to be apart of.


      Dessert table by Megan Wappel Designs! (A-mazing)

      Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0082.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0082.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0078.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0078.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0075.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0075.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0084.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0084.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0093.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0093.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0089.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0089.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0079.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0079.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0086.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0086.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0090.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0090.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0092.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0092.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0087.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0087.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0088.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0088.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0094.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0094.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0077.jpg Grand_Cru_2013_CrimsonPhotos_0077.jpg


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