My beautiful friend is married. I had the amazing privilege of meeting Natasha through my husband five years ago, and since then she has become someone that I cherish and admire. It was hard to hold back the tears the moment I saw her on Saturday.  – Nothing compares to the joy of seeing a friend’s dream come true… Natasha, you are beautiful both on the inside and out. May you and Rob enjoy a lifetime of love and bliss. With all my heart,
      Enjoy the photos everyone. Lots of great DIY stuff!

      Summer_Tent_wedding_0651 Summer_Tent_wedding_0653 Summer_Tent_wedding_0638 Summer_Tent_wedding_0637 Summer_Tent_wedding_0636 Summer_Tent_wedding_0617 Summer_Tent_wedding_0619Summer_Tent_wedding_0628

      Summer_Tent_wedding_0639 Summer_Tent_wedding_0624 Summer_Tent_wedding_0625 Summer_Tent_wedding_0623

      Summer_Tent_wedding_0640Summer_Tent_wedding_0632 Summer_Tent_wedding_0633 Summer_Tent_wedding_0634 Summer_Tent_wedding_0635Summer_Tent_wedding_0649

      Summer_Tent_wedding_0650 Summer_Tent_wedding_0652Summer_Tent_wedding_0655Summer_Tent_wedding_0605


      Summer_Tent_wedding_0618Summer_Tent_wedding_0658 Summer_Tent_wedding_0657 Summer_Tent_wedding_0659 Summer_Tent_wedding_0660


      What a gorgeous setting and stunning day! God was indeed smiling on you 2!! Thank you for sharing these with us, felt like we were there!You created a beautiful celebration of your most precious day! You 2 are absolutely radiant! Sending our love, xoxo

      I was lost in the thought of being in the wedding all over again that is the best photography I have seen in of a Bride before the moment in the moment and so on. Well done.

      Luv all the pic’s!!

      Fantastic pictures!!!!! Such beautiful shots, great atmosphere you captured!!!!!!! xoxoxo


      Nicole Charlton
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