A Difficult Journey

      I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Moriah and Cole’s wedding this past summer in Carisle, Ontario. This was a special one for me. I have known Moriah since she was just a little thing, and I have watched her champion an extremely difficult road. At 15 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma after discovering a cancerous tumor in her knee. In order to save Moriah’s life, her surgical team had to amputate her leg just above the knee. Following this, she endured a gruelling year of chemotherapy. 

      Selfless Love and Faith in God

      Through the years I have watched her continuously get up amidst trials, through confusion, pain and the unknown. She stands out among a thousand to me. She is an inspiration in so many ways. Her selfless love and concern for others have always been her defining characteristic. And it is impossible to overlook her quiet and deep faith in God from whom she draws strength. 

      It was lovely to meet Cole for the first time earlier this year when they came over to our place to make a gourmet meal for my hubby and I (did I mention that Cole is the most incredible chef? Total score for Moriah!). The meal was A-mazing, to say the least, doubly special to watch how sweet they are together. He is besotted with her. My heart could not be happier for these two. 

      Enjoy some of these photos from their celebration. I’ve also asked Moriah and Cole to share a bit more with some Q&A below.

      You can also watch her full story in this video here! You follow Moriah on IG at @thenewlegproject (https://www.instagram.com/thenewlegproject/)

      Learning to Walk Again; Moriah Flemming

      More Photos of Moriah & Cole’s Wedding

      (Don’t you love her prosthetic leg. I absolutely love the designing company Alleles.)

      Q: What did you love most about your wedding?

      A: As soon as I got there I could feel the love from everyone! Despite the rain it felt like everyone was working together to make the wedding happen! I loved being able to express my love for Cole knowing that everyone there was rooting for us and was genuinely happy to be there even if everything didn’t go perfectly.

      Q: What do you love most about Cole?

      A: He has the kindest heart! He wants to help and serve people all the time. He loves constantly and teaches me so much.

      Willow Tree Wedding

      Q: Did you have a dream wedding that you always wanted?

      A: I had never really thought about what I wanted my wedding to be like until Cole and I were dating. But I grew up playing under a willow tree in my front yard and that was my only real request: for a wedding with a willow tree that was forestry and whimsical!

      Q: Can you share how you and Cole met?

      A: We met while playing pool at a bar in Milton. We talked all night but then I left and was sitting in the car. Before my friends and I left though, they ran back inside (because I was too nervous) and found Cole as he was walking out to find me. They got his number and we went on a date 2 weeks later!

      Q: What do you love most about Moriah?

      A: I love the natural love she shares with everyone around her. She always strives to act in love and see the best in people. 

      Q: What things do you have in common?

      A: We both love food! We like a lot of the same things from watching sci-fi movies to fishing. Most of all we love teaching each other about the things we personally enjoy and learning together. Personality wise we’re close to opposites but we both have a desire to grow and we communicate really well together. 

      Cole: I fell in love with Moriah (after only 2 months of knowing each other) when I brought her over to my parent’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Neither of us knew that all of my dad’s extended family would be there. (Roughly 15 people) It was her first time meeting them all. Even though it was overwhelming she fit right in and played with all my cousin’s and the moment I knew I was in love and that this woman would be a part of my family was when she showed my cousins how to make a pillow fort and crawled into it with them. 

      Q: Where did you go for your honeymoon?

      A: We went on a Europe trip for our honeymoon! We started in London England, then to Edinburgh Scotland and then Dublin Ireland. This took about a week and a half. For the next week and a half we traveled across Italy starting in Capri and ending in Milan. The food and architecture were highlights in every place we went!

      Q: What are your plans or dreams for the future?

      A: My goals are to explore the world and help people. I’m working for a charity right now and have the amazing opportunity to speak to people in overseas and visit them. I want to use my experiences to help others in whatever capacity I can. Eventually Cole and I want to design and live in a camper van for the warm months of the year as well as have a food truck. Living simply while experiencing different cultures and people! 


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