I loved this wedding. Glam, glitz and gorgeousness… and how about those shoes!!
      Zak and Bre were a no stress, no fuss couple… selflessly caught up with their friends, family and eachother. I loved the expression on Bre’s face as she watched her bridal party open the elaborate and generous gifts she purchased for them. It’s a perfect expression that describes who she is I think.

      And yes it was surely a cold day out for photos, but how else are you going to get amazing magical photos under snow flakes?!!

      Thanks for being such amazing people. It was a treasure to work with you Zak and Bre. Your family was awesome too. Hope to see you guys soon.


      PS. DJ Lexx D was a-mazing!

      liberty_grande_wedding_0001 liberty_grande_wedding_0002 liberty_grande_wedding_0004 liberty_grande_wedding_0003 liberty_grande_wedding_0027 liberty_grande_wedding_0005 liberty_grande_wedding_0006 liberty_grande_wedding_0007liberty_grande_wedding_0009 liberty_grande_wedding_0008 liberty_grande_wedding_0010 liberty_grande_wedding_0011 liberty_grande_wedding_0025 liberty_grande_wedding_0012 liberty_grande_wedding_0013 liberty_grande_wedding_0014 liberty_grande_wedding_0015 liberty_grande_wedding_0017 liberty_grande_wedding_0026 liberty_grande_wedding_0024 liberty_grande_wedding_0018 liberty_grande_wedding_0019 liberty_grande_wedding_0020 liberty_grande_wedding_0021 liberty_grande_wedding_0022 liberty_grande_wedding_0023




      Thanks for Sharing these Photos they are stunning!!

      Awesome photos, Nicole!!


      Nicole Charlton
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